About Us

Qalin News Online is local independent news entity founded in 2006, to promote peace, development and democracy in Somalia by educating, informing and entertaining the Somali people.


The objectives of Qalin news entity are:

  1. To make change by educating the public through media.
  2. To mobilize the people by awareness raising.
  3. To entertain the people through sports, music and so on.

The vision of WQ is to achieve equal justice, protection, citizenship, resource benefiting and security guarantees as person, community, clan and region. in a democratic Somalia.

Our vision is a government elected by Somali people.


We upgrade the knowledge of the journalists to avoid reporting unethical reports that can be libel or defamation to a person, group, community or entity.

We give voice to the voiceless, report them more than the policy and mobilize them to change themselves by them.