Somalia Cultural Night in Mogadishu-A Brilliant glimpse at the forgotten Culture of Somalia

The Centre for Community Awareness-CCA held a Somali Cultural night in Mogadishu's City Plaza Hotel. The Cultural night, which consisted of traditional dances, speeches, music and awarding question and answers ...

Flowers of River Malewa

Abwaan Guure oo Gabay Jawaab ah diraya, Bal igula raaxeyso!

Gabaygan waxaa tiriyey Abwaan Cismaan Cabdullaahi Guure. Waana Gabay Jawaab ah, miisaan marka aad dhegeysato, Murtidana markaas dhuux.

Somalia: Somali Media Organisations Unite to Counter Violent Extremism

Mogadishu — Many young Somalis join Al-Shabaab because they lack awareness about the dangers of the group and its misguided ideology, Somali media agencies said at a conference in Mogadishu last week where they...

Safety of Journalists in Somalia a Major Concern

MOGADISHU— U.N. agencies, the Somali government, and the Somali journalists' union are working to address the problem of censorship and the threat of violence against journalists in Somalia.

Opinion: Patriotism – A Lost Value in the Somali Citizen! By Hassan Abdi

Hassan Abdi. Mogadishu, Opinion: - How many times do we describe someone's actions as selfishness, negligent to the common interest and destructive to the nation's welfare? Let me give you a concerned person...

Kuwait Shares Rise to Three-Year High as Citizen Loans Canceled

May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Kuwait’s benchmark index climbed to a three-year high on bets investors will buy more shares using money from government purchases of citizens’ loans. Kuwait Food, which has the second-l...

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